Press release March 30, 2023


International Biennial Exhibition




21 October – 19 November 2023


The "Gruppo Arte Casale" is reorganizing the XV edition of the International Biennial Exhibition "GRAFICA ED EX LIBRIS" to be held at Paleologi’s Castle in Casale Monferrato (AL) from 21 October to 19 November 2023, under the patronage of the Municipality, of Piemonte Region and of the AIE (Italian Ex Libris Association). This edition will be realized thanks to the will of the Mayor Federico Riboldi and of the Councilor for Culture Gigliola Fracchia.

About 80 engraving artists from various countries of the world are expected to take part.

A catalog of 120 bilingual pages with texts and images of the works and relative biography of the artists will be printed as documentation of the exhibition.

Also rare Ex Libris of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries will be exhibited, especially relating to Piemonte characters.

The exhibition will illustrate the various traditional graphic techniques such as woodcut, etching, aquatint, drypoint, black mode, lithograph, linoleography, as well as new experiments such as engraving on plexiglass, photography, computer processing. The exhibition will be visited by several people passionate about graphics, artists, critics, collectors and students of primary and secondary city schools. Engraved graphic books, catalogs, documents and photos will also be on display.

A showcase will also be set up with an exposition of the engraver's and printer's working tools: wooden and chalcographic matrices, lithographic stones, chisels and gouges, inks, rollers, printing characters.

The exhibition wants, in addition to making the press known, to introduce the ex libris, that is the small piece of paper that identifies the personality and the poetic world of the book's owner. Collectors can contact the artists and exchange or order the execution of ex libris, giving indications on what to depict in order to be better represented.

Past editions have been dedicated to the great masters of engraving : 1993 Tranquillo Marangoni, 1995 Bruno da Osimo, 1997 Benvenuto Disertori, 1999 Bruno Colorio, 2001 Remo Wolf, 2003 Italo Zetti, 2005 Publio Morbiducci, 2007 Pietro Parigi, 2009 Ercole Dogliani, 2011 Antonello Moroni, 2013 Luigi Servolini, 2015 Adolfo De Carolis, 2017 Emilio Mantelli, 2021 Magazine “Xilografia”.

Anyone wishes more informations on the exhibition can contact the “Gruppo Arte Casale”, Organizational Managers: Antonio Barbato, Pio Carlo Barola and Gianpaolo Cavalli.

Mobile 348.7629167